bb glow

BB GLOW is the latest revolutionary skin treatment developed by Korean scientists in cosmetology and dermatology. It is the TOP aesthetic process in Korea, China, Russia, USA and in recent months it is coming to Europe. The product has a dual function: anti-wrinkle care and unified face color. A few of the benefits of the […]


For a magnetizing look, prefer eyelash extensions. Consult your beautician for the technique that will emphasize your eyes. Session duration: 2 hours


Forget the lash scissors and do a lashlift. It is the technique that straightens the lashes, gives a curvature and so we have a completely natural result, we would suggest the light colored lashes to combine the eyelash dye to make them more intense. Session duration: 45 minutes.


The peels series are the new generation of chemical peels which do not peel or inflame the skin. It is a series that allow us to choose the right form of acid depending on the needs of each skin type, such as acne and hyperpigmentation. Treatment duration: 1 hour


It is an exfoliating treatment, leaving the skin of the face smooth and soft. lasts only one hour. Session duration: Depending on the needs of each skin type. Especially after the summer months, skin abrasion is the ideal treatment that your skin needs due to the increased exposure to the sun and the dehydration that […]


At the forefront of a French physician in the 1950s, Mesotherapy involved the use of a small, thin needle to inject a mixture of active ingredients. These go directly to the middle layer of your skin improving efficiency. The active ingredients we penetrate are based on what we want to cure. The procedure is painless […]


It is a more effective option if you want to target wrinkles and acne scars. Their sole purpose is to make a myriad of small “wounds” that stimulate the skin, to “heal” through the production of more collagen. This makes it very useful for the general rejuvenation of the skin, as well as for targeting […]

Deep Facial Cleansing

Our face needs our affection and care. Cleansing the skin of the face is the removal of dirt, dead cells and oil. Every day it is covered with bacteria and dead cells, which not only creates a thick layer of dirt, but also does not allow beauty products (creams, serums and facial treatments) to penetrate […]