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Deep Facial Cleansing

Deep Facial Cleansing
Our face needs our affection and care.

Cleansing the skin of the face is the removal of dirt, dead cells and oil. Every day it is covered with bacteria and dead cells, which not only creates a thick layer of dirt, but also does not allow beauty products (creams, serums and facial treatments) to penetrate it. That is why daily facial cleansing helps to have a clean and fresh skin.

Frequent deep facial cleansing by experts is an important factor in keeping our face healthy, clean and hydrated. Dehydrated skin is wrinkled and looks old. Deep cleansing regulates the pH of the skin, moisturizes and helps the effectiveness of beauty products.

Sebum consists of tiny glands located under the skin that produce oil in order to protect the skin from external factors. These glands use the hair follicles inside the skin as a pathway, allowing the oil to reach the surface of the face, to form a barrier that will prevent the penetration of bacteria and other harmful agents. Excessive accumulation of dirt on the surface of the skin can cause blockages of sebum and dead cells that trap the follicle.

The lack of sebum on the surface of the skin allows bacteria to penetrate and cause inflammation. This is how acne is caused. Deep cleansing cleanses the pores of bacteria and prevents the accumulation of dirt, allowing the sebum to reach the surface of the skin, thus eliminating decongestion.

If we stop cleaning our face we have as a result blocked pores and the creation of severe acne. Also, our skin will be dehydrated and irritated. Our face will become too oily, wild, with a wrinkled face.
The benefits of deep cleansing are:
Keeps our face healthy and clean.
Helps in the effectiveness of anti-aging products.
Maintains the size of the pores, moisturizes our skin and prevents the secretion of excessive oil production.

Deep cleansing is essential for the health and radiance of our face.
Treatment duration: 90 minutes