At the Beautytherapist institutes you will find the latest generation diode laser soprano ice.

Hair removal is now painless and can be done on tanned skin and during the summer months without fear.


During the procedure, a laser beam emits light that is absorbed by the hair dye (melanin). Light energy is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicles. This ‘damage’ inhibits or delays the future growth of hair. . A hair follicle is destroyed when the hair is in its regenerative phase.

Gradually, after 15-20 days you will see the hairs fall out. After 4-6 weeks from the first session, the procedure should be repeated to destroy the hair follicles left over from the previous session.

Usually after 8-10 visits every 4-6 weeks in the non-hormone dependent areas we reach the result which is 80% of the hair growth.

The other 20% remains in the form of fluff. That’s why it needs maintenance once or twice a year.

In hormone-dependent areas we can have a picture after the first or second session. Each case is different.

Be sure to shave the areas to be depilated 1-2 days before (except for hormone-dependent areas)

Avoid showering with hot water after the session. It is forbidden to sunbathe and solarium the previous, the same and the next day of the session in order to avoid the burn. In addition you should avoid hair removal with wax or other techniques that remove the follicle.

Session duration: Depending on the area, 15-90 minutes

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