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This semi – permanent make up service allows us to cover stretchmarks with skin tone colors.

It is always proceeded by a free diagnostic appointment in which a test is done on small area, to see the reaction of the skin and the coverage result we will have.

Before the procedure begins, we use a special anesthetic cream made exclusively for our institutes so that the it is completely painless.

The result will be more intense the first days in color, but after the 10th day it will fade.

It is completely normal, as it is skin’s reaction to shed a certain amount of color as long as the colors we use are organic and the tattoo is semi – permanent.

Each case is different and that’s why the percentagecan be small or large, so if a sufficient percentage of paint disappears after a month, we do the maintenance to fill the gaps that have been create. Then the result lasts 1-1.5years.

Session duration: 90 minutes